ISO LED Ledge Light by Unique Lighting Systems

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Unique Lighting Systems® is pleased to announce the latest update to the Elements™ Series product line. A new version of the popular ISO™ Ledge Light will is available. This new version is highlighted by several new features that will surely make this already popular product even more desirable.

Serviceable Lamp: The primary feature change is the “serviceable” LED module (light engine). This means that the LED can be removed from the fixture by removing two screws that hold it in place, using a standard Phillips Screwdriver. This can be done without disturbing the fixture, surrounding hardscape, or electrical connections to the fixture.

40 and 140 Lumen Models: We will now be offering 2 levels of light output. The current model is a 140 lumen output. We will retain a 140 lumen output lamp in the new offering, but will also introduce a 40 lumen output for applications where a softer lighting is desired.

FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead: New FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead for simplified installation. The new ISO Ledge Light will come with an 8 foot primary wiring lead (increased from 6 foot), and a new 2 foot FLEX™ Auxiliary Lead that will allow for cleaner installations of multiple lights in hardscape applications. See Features and Benefits graphic below.

The new ISO™ Ledge Light retains many of the same features as the original:

2700K and 3000K Color models
Durable E-Shield™ Powder Coating finish offered in Black or Bronze color
Water resistant construction
Five Year Warranty


5 Year Manufacturers' Warranty