Ozark Soft Accent Light by Brilliance Metal Works

4.00 LBS


The fixture comes complete with an adjustable glare shield, Brilliance Metal Works signature adjusting system with 22 points of articulation in 10 degree increments, ABS mounting stake, and lighting shrink professional crimp and heat shrink cable connector


Up lighting, grazing, and backlighting techniques.
Best used when low level wall wash techniques are required.

LAMP : Integrated LED light

FINISH : Machined Aluminum


Installing the ground stake:

1. Dig a hole in the ground approximately 4” wide by 10” deep.  A rubber mallet may be used to drive the stake into the ground when working with soft soil.
2. Lay the power cable from the fixture into the slotted relief on the stake.
3. Screw the fixture into the stake.
4. Use a level to assure the top of the spike is level with the ground.

Adjusting the fixture:

1. Turn the knuckle counter-clockwise to loosen the knuckle.
2. Rotate the fixture vertically to the desired position.
3. Turn the knuckle clockwise to hold it in the desired position

Ozark Cut Sheet

Ozark Soft Accent Light Cut Sheet