Power Control Unit by Unique Lighting Systems - LPCU-A

1.00 LBS

The Light Logic™ system offers a convenient way to automate your low voltage lighting and other landscape features - all in an easy-to-install wireless system. Best of all, it installs into new or existing lighting systems. Control up to four different scenes. Each scene controls a different zone. Components needed: LPRO Programming Module + LPCU or LPCU-A Power Control Unit and LRMT Handheld Remote.

Why Light Logic:

  • • Compatible with any cord connected 120V device
    • Up to 1000 foot line of sight range
    • Each LPCU-A also functions as a repeater, assisting with long-range installations
    • The LPCU-A comes equipped with an antenna, for added distance or an extra boost for your wireless signal
    • Repeater feature creates a mesh network on larger installs
  • Wireless control for up to four scenes
  • Up to 250 different transformers or devices for each control scene
  • Easily retrofits into existing lighting installations
  • Compatible with any 120V device
  • Uses event-based scheduling
  • Astronomical timing – auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by your location and seasonal changes
  • Firmware easily upgradable
  • Sequence multiple transformers


  • Compatible with any 120V device
  • All On – All Off security through the handheld remote
  • 1000 foot line of sight range
  • Each PCU also functions as a repeater for long-range installations